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* [[Deep Caverns]], [[:File:dc-la2.png|dc-la2.png]]
* [[Deep Caverns]], [[:File:dc-la2.png|dc-la2.png]]
* Sold by [[Constantine]] in {{spoiler|[[Oculus]]}}
* Sold by [[Constantine]] in {{spoiler|[[Oculus]]}}
* Carried by some Researchers in [[Black Sea Expedition Camp]] and [[Arch Keep]]. Pickpocketable.{{expedition-inline|E}}
* Can be [[Pickpocket|pickpocketed]] from some Researchers in [[Black Sea Expedition Camp]] and [[Arch Keep]].{{expedition-inline|E}}
* [[Lemurian Grand Archive]], [[:File:xpbl_arch.png|xpbl_arch.png]]{{expedition-inline|E}}
* Can be found in [[Lemurian Grand Archive]].{{expedition-inline|E}}
* [[Black Sea]], grid coordinate [[H8]], [[:File:xpbl_h8.png|xpbl_h8.png]]{{expedition-inline|E}}
* [[Black Sea]], grid coordinate [[H8]].{{expedition-inline|E}}
* [[Nexus of Technology]], [[:File:xpbl_rf_bio.png|xpbl_rf_bio.png]]{{expedition-inline|E}}
* Found in the [[Nexus of Technology]].{{expedition-inline|E}}
== History ==
== History ==

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Biohazard Boots.png
Biohazard Boots
These boots protect the feet from most conventional and unconventional biohazards.
Acid: 25% / 15
Bio: 25% / 15
Armor penalty: 10%
Equip: Immune to acid puddles.
Durability: 870 / 870 (mechanical)
Weight: 2.00
Value: 500

Biohazard Boots are a type of boots specialized in protecting the feet from biohazards.


This item is not craftable.