Lemurian Grand Archive

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Lemurian Grand ArchiveUncontrolled zone

Lemurian Grand Archive.png
Location information
Music Unknown
Located in Black Sea
Connections Evacuation Tunnels
NPCs none

Lemurian Grand Archive is a location that can be accessed through Evacuation Tunnels under Port Crag.



  • Approaching the large gate with electronic lock will initiate security lockdown, activating dormant Naga Protectors and closing the escape route. Number of enemies depends on difficulty, one on Easy, two on Normal, three on Hard and four on DOMINATING
  • In the vestibule is a computer which can be used to lift lockdown. It can be also hacked with enough Hacking (60 effective skill) to activate five Seahorse Plasma Turrets which will be allied to the player
  • In the SE corner is a gate that can be raised with 7 effective strength, unlocking a small room with some loot
  • Gate to the inner archive can be opened after lifting the lockdown

Inner Archive

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