Psionic Mentors

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Psionic Mentors are one-use devices can be used to learn new psi abilities through cerebral imprinting. They are consumed on use.


Each mentor has at least one static location that is available in each playthrough. The random loot locations listed here always contain a mentor, but it's possible to find more mentors elsewhere among random loot.

Sold in shops

  • Doc (Rail Crossing) (Enrage and Psycho-temporal Contraction)
  • Estelle in Foundry (Thermodynamic Destabilization and Precognition)
  • Heidi in Core City (Telekinetic Proxy and Temporary Rewind)
  • Pasquale in South Gate Station (Stasis)
  • Ezra in South Gate Station (Neurovisual Disruption)
  • Phyllis in Oculus (Pseudo-spatial Projection)
  • Jerre Franz in Institute of Tchort (Stasis)
  • Investigator Kiro in Institute of Tchort (Psi-cognitive Interruption)
  • Anastasia in Fort Apogee (Telekinetic Proxy)
  • Lost Vault Trader (random mentor)
  • Fred (Entropic Recurrence)

Static loot

Random loot

See also Random loot table