Lost Vault

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Lost VaultUncontrolled zone

Lost Vault.png
Location information
Music Lifeblood
Located in Upper Caves
Areas Vault
Connections Upper Caves
NPCs Lost Vault Trader
Lost Vault Bodyguard
Map file(s) lux-b9

Lost Vault is a location in Upper Caves.


Vault Odis, also known as Lost Vault is a location in the caverns beneath Lower Underrail. To find it, use a TNT Charge to blow up the rocks blocking the passage north from Milton's camp, head north and then east. It is on the shore of one of the many underground rivers of Underrail, north from some Lurker Smugglers using the same river.

Outside the vault you will meet, or likely bump into, stealthed Lost Vault Bodyguard. Telling him you're there for business allows you to pass and trade with Lost Vault Trader.

The vault itself can be entered by sneaking into the building outside the vault and then hacking the vault's electronic lock or using Security Key Card (Lost Vault) on it, found in the nearby footlocker.