Mutagen Tanks

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Mutagen TanksUncontrolled zone

Large tall, often badly damaged, mutangen tanks litter this area.
Location information
Music Throes of Genesis
Located in Deep Caverns
Areas Mutagen Tanks A
Mutagen Tanks B
Connections Hollow Earth
NPCs Detritus
Map file(s) dc-mut1, dc-mut1a, dc-mut2, dc-mut3, dc-de1, dc-de2, dc-de3, dc-door1, dc-door1_d1, dc-door1_d2, dc-door2, dc-door2_d1, dc-door2_d2, dc-tchb

Mutagen Tanks is a location in Deep Caverns.


The location where Biocorp developed, researched, and stored mutagens of all sorts, it currently stands abandoned, it's only visitors being Tchort's spawn and vermin too simple to be affected by Tchort's malevolent aura. Empty mutagen silos are all over the place.

Enemies and other hazards


Map Gallery

Mutagen Tanks A

Mutagen Tanks B