Contact-Activated Capacitative Sheet

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Contact-Activated Capacitative Sheet
A handmade thin layer of contact reactive capacitors. Upon touch, the batteries discharge all of their stored energy on to the surface.
Use: Apply to a blunt melee weapon to make it deal anywhere between 10-20 energy and 36-72 energy damage depending on the weapon's weight. This damage is applied twice with each hit, for a total of 5 hits.
(AP: 20)
Cannot be used in combat
Weight: 0.10
Value: 500

Contact-Activated Capacitative Sheet is a gear booster item, used to temporarily increase blunt melee weapon damage. Does not work with bladed or spiked weapons.


  • Given as a reward for quest and sold by Phreak if his attitude to you is friendly enough
  • One is found in his abandoned hideout near the entrance to the Emporion Shopping Mall inside a locker (80 Lockpicking required)