Firecracker Cap

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Firecracker Cap.png
Firecracker Cap
A medium-sized explosive charge that can easily be activated on impact. Its shape allows it to be fitted on sledgehammer heads and other larger blunt weapons.
Use: Apply a special cap to a blunt melee weapon that causes an explosion that inflicts 50-100 heat and 50-100 mechanical damage to all targets in radius of 3. Additionally, the primary target's mechanical and heat damage resistance and threshold are reduced by 20% for 3 turns. Causes great durability damage to both weapon and the primary target's armor.
(AP: 20)
Cannot be used in combat
Weight: 1.00
Value: 400

Firecracker Cap is a gear booster item. It can be applied to non-enhanced sledgehammers and crowbars. It afflicts the target with Blasted Armor on hit.