Abandoned Warehouse

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Abandoned WarehouseUncontrolled zone

Abandoned warehouse strange device.png
Dungeon information
Music Cornered
Located in Lower Underrail
Areas Floor 1
Floor 2
Connections Lower Underrail area B13
NPCs None
Map file(s) aw1-1

An abandoned warehouse near Rail Crossing, directly south of it. It can be entered from Lower Underrail area B13.


Initially the entire warehouse seems to be abandoned and without power, thus its elevators won't work. However, a strange device with numerous power cables connected to it can be found in one of the first floor rooms.

Removing Strange Power Cell from the device causes the warehouse's power and defenses to jump back on, opening shutter doors to security robot bays, closing the main entrance and powering the elevators. To exit the warehouse after this, one must either hack a security terminal to gain level 2 access required for opening the main entrance, or find a security key card.

Floor 1 (upper)

  • The surveillance room just next to the entrance
    • Both front and back doors requires 50 Lockpicking to open (but the room can be reached from the back room through the ventilation shaft)
    • Has an unpowered elevator (can be activated after recovering the Strange Power Cell and using the nearby computer)
  • The middle room on the southern wall:
    • Its door requires 40 Lockpicking (but the room can also be reached from the ventilation shaft)
    • Has a locker requiring 50 Lockpicking
  • The SW west room
    • Has an unpowered elevator (can be activated after recovering the Strange Power Cell and using the nearby computer)
  • The NE room at the end of the corridor
  • There is a secret crawlspace (requires Perception to detect) in the northern corridor where the blood trail is:
  • The NNE room:
    • Has the Strange Power Cell for the quest Rail Crossing quest, Disable plasma walkers. Picking it up will power up the whole building and activate its bot defenses
    • Has a locker with a Marked Card Deck oddity, 2 XP
    • Has a computer which, once powered on:
      • Can be used to activate the elevators, granting access to the lower floor
      • Can be hacked to level 1 (disable the cameras) or level 2 (open the front door). 70 Hacking is sufficient to get level 2 access. Level 2 access can also be obtained with the Security Key Card (Abandoned warehouse) found on the lower floor
      • The door opened with level 2 is the exit/entrance of the warehouse. The door is actually located in the Lower Underrail area B13 area
  • The W room (opened when power is on)
  • The central room with barrel (opened when power is on)

Floor 1 ventilation shafts

  • The ventilation shafts are split into 2 separate shafts, one covering the southern rooms and the other the northern rooms

Floor 2 (lower)

  • This floor can be accessed from the elevators on floor 1, once they are reactivated
  • There is a Frag Mines by the western elevator (requires 70 Traps to recover it)
  • The 1st door from the western elevator:
    • The door can be opened with 50 Hacking
  • The 2nd door from the western elevator:
    • the door can be opened with 70 Hacking. It leads to the caves, which can be reached from the main room without any hacking.
    • behind the door are shelves that contain a Sports Almanac oddity, 3 XP
  • The large SE room:
  • The caves:


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