Mushroom Forest

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Mushroom ForestUncontrolled zone

This is not right. Mushrooms should not be this big.
Location information
Music Blood of the Fae
Located in Deep Caverns
Areas Mushroom Forest
Deep Mushroom Forest
Connections Deep Caverns
NPCs none
Map file(s) dc-f1, dc-f2, dc-f3, dc-f4, dc-f5, dc-f6, dc-f7, dc-fs1, dc-fs2, dc-fs3, dc-fs4, dc-fs5

Mushroom Forest is a location in Deep Caverns.


The Mushroom Forest was grown a long time ago by the researchers who once inhabited the Hollow Earth research complex, as shown in logs found in the Caerus Residential Block. It can be assumed that, over time, the Mushroom Forest overgrew without proper oversight and came into the current state that it is found in once the player arrives.

Flora, fauna and hazards


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