Coretech Energizing Vest

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Coretech Energizing Vest.png
Coretech Energizing Vest
Armor Suit
The CT M-EN2 is a tactical vests which integrates a state-of-the-art wireless energy transmission technology that can be used to power any devices in the immediate vicinity, regardless of whether it was designed for it or not. This required the vest to be over-coated with special conductive material that also has a secondary benefit of providing protection against energy attacks.
Mechanical: 20% / 8
Energy: 35% / 15
Mechanical damage threshold increased by 200% against bullets and shotgun shells.
Armor penalty: 15%
Equip: Critical hit chance of energy pistol attacks increased by 3%.
Equip: Hacking increased by 10
All electricity damage taken increased by 20%
Special abilities:

Wireless Charging Aura.png Wireless Charging Aura: When activated it will transfer up to 10 energy at 80% efficiency from the source to all other equipped items that require recharging, splitting energy equally among them.

Energy: 200
Durability: 1230 / 1230 (electronic)
Cannot be recharged in combat
Weight: 7.00
Value: 10000

Coretech Energizing Vest is an armor suit.


This suit grants the Wireless Charging Aura special ability.

Critical hit chance sources
Source Crit For Type Notes
Weapon, unarmed or psi ability base crit chance
Dexterity Varies Melee attacks Base Ability
Recklessness +7% Weapons, Unarmed Feat
Recklessness +10% Weapons, Unarmed Specialization
Psychosis +15% Psi Feat
Psychosis +10% Psi Specialization
Steadfast Aim Varies Pistols Feat
Survival Instincts +30% Weapons, Unarmed, Psi Feat Only when <30% HP
Survival Instincts: Critical Chance +10% Weapons, Unarmed, Psi Specialization Only when <30% HP
Scrutinous +7% Weapons, Unarmed Feat
Pellet Mayhem E Varies Shotgun attacks Feat
Body Horror E +3% Weapons, Unarmed Feat Only against fleshy foes
Ambush Varies Ranged weapons Feat Situational
Seeker Goggles Varies Ranged weapons Headwear
Neuroscopic Headband Varies Psi Headwear
Death's Grin E 2% All Headwear
Infused Rathound Leather Armor Varies All Armor Suit
JKK Tactful Jacket +2% Ranged weapons Armor Suit
Coretech Energizing Vest +3% Energy pistol attacks Armor Suit
Phantom Dancer E +3% Sword attacks Armor Suit
Sørmirbæren Staff-spear E +3% Psi Spear
Høddurform E +5% Psi Spear
Red Dragon E +20% Decapitate Sword
Focus Stim +15% Weapons, Unarmed, Psi Drug Temporary
Core Chips +2% Weapons, Unarmed Food Temporary
Hardcore Chips +5% Weapons, Unarmed Food Temporary
Mystery Candy +5% Weapons, Unarmed, Psi Food Temporary


This item is not craftable.


  • Given by Harlan, when accepting to join Coretech and get your first mission