Kill the Rathound King

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Kill the Rathound King

Rathound King's throne.png
Quest information
Location Rathound King Lair
Given by Edgar
Rewards Kill the Rathound King:
3500 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
Negotiate a truce:
4000 classic XP / 2 oddity XP
300 Stygian Coin
Hunter feat
Related quests
Kidnap Sarine

Burrower emergency

After dealing with the burrower menace, Edgar informs of you of another enemy Camp Hathor has.


  • A mysterious man who calls himself the Rathound King is causing trouble to Camp Hathor. He is described as a strong and cunning foe who can control rathounds. Find him, kill him and bring his head to Edgar.
  • (optional alternative) You managed to convince Rathound King to negotiate with Camp Hathor, but he wants you to be the negotiator. Talk to him and Edgar and try to work out a truce between them.


Rathound King's lair is directly south from Camp Hathor. You will need to travel through some Rathound packs including a large gathering of Rathound Alphas, a thick minefield and a trapped labyrinth. Although 70 Traps skill is able to disarm all traps, there is no need to disarm if you step carefully. the only reason to disarm those trap is you have 90 skills to recover those traps. Once you pass the labyrinth and reach the Rathound King, a multitude of options for handling the situation opens. You can attack him alone right there, return to Camp Hathor or talk to him.

  • If you attack him alone, you will have to kill him, an ancient rathound, a rathound alpha and a couple of other rathounds unless you closed the south door prior to engaging.
  • If you choose to talk to him and ask him about how he became the Rathound King, the discussion will lead to Sarine and he will task you with kidnapping Sarine and tell you about a hidden door that allows you to go around all the traps.
  • If you return to Camp Hathor (regardless of whether you talked to the king or accepted his kidnapping quest) and inform Edgar of your findings, you can raid the Rathound King's lair with Edgar and a couple of hunters or tell them to do it alone.
    • If you go with Edgar, he informs you that his deputy Boyd will have your reward, should something happen to him. If Edgar survives, he also teaches you the Hunter feat when you return to Camp Hathor. If he's dead, then Boyd will teach you.
    • If you tell them to go alone, everyone in the fight dies (regardless of whether you told them about the secret entrance or not), the quest won't be completed and you won't get any reward. But you can at least loot the corpses and the Rathound King won't trouble Camp Hathor any more.
  • If your Persuasion is high enough, you will be able to convince the Rathound King to come to an agreement with Camp Hathor (55 effective skill required). Doing this requires that you speak to Edgar on his behalf and convince Edgar (60 effective skill required) to agree to his terms. This method prevents you from having to fight the Rathound King or kidnap Sarine and still nets you all standard quest rewards plus the Rathound King will give you Rathound Regalia.

Even if you complete Kidnap Sarine, you can still complete this quest by killing him yourself. Agreement with Camp Hathor will not be available anymore and if player calls hunters for help, both parties will turn hostile to you once you arrive to Rathound King's Lair (you can still let Edgar go there alone).

You can also kill Rathound King even after you have managed to broker the peace between him and Camp Hathor (if you kill him before informing Edgar that he has agreed to the truce), gaining total of 7500 classic/3 oddity XP.