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Role Arena enthusiast
Location Arena

Garry is possibly the biggest Arena enthusiast there is, and a self-admitted bloodthirsty maniac. He is a friendly and very helpful guy, and once he takes an interest in your Arena career, he will provide you with advice and useful information on your upcoming opponents. You can find him near the office door leading downstairs once you have defeated Pulverizer.


Garry fell in love with Arena some years ago. Since then he has rarely missed a match, and by his own admission has spent a fortune on the game. He considers Disembowelina and the current invictus Dread Lord his favorite gladiators, although he feels things have gotten stale lately, and hopes the player can shake things up a little. Even though he watches Gauntlet as well, he dislikes how impersonal it is compared to Arena, lacking a live crowd and having the runners compete isolated from each other.

He is very knowledgeable about the inner-workings of the Arena business, something he attributes to being a long-time fan. This is only a half-truth, as the true reason behind his knowledge is him being the retired invictus Carnifex.