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Vlatko Talloski

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Role Successful businessman
Location Talloski Manor
Loot Vlatko's Key
Vlatko's Keycard

Vlatko Talloski is a successful businessman, husband of Suzana, and father of Maxim and Sophie. He can be found in the Talloski Manor on the upper level of Core City.


Vlatko did not come from a wealthy family, but built his business from the ground up through hard work and dedication. His success eventually allowed him to move to Core City with his family, build connections and make some influential friends, among them Archibald Knight, oligarch and founder of Praetorian Security. South Gate Station is also among his trade partners, and he has a high opinion of the station, considering it one of the better communities of South Underrail ever since they won the station war with Omega Station.

Family is very important to Vlatko, he loves his wife, humors his senile great-great-great-great grandfather, and is nowadays going through a rough time getting used to his children becoming more independent now that they are grown. He is hoping Maxim will eventually succeed him and take over running the family business.

Player interactions


  • Old man Nosek: Vlatko has a broken television he would like to see fixed.