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Lenox Pierce

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Role Client
Location South Gate Station level 3

Lenox is a client who can be found at the cafeteria of South Gate Station during the Meet Lenox Pierce quest.


Lenox is a depressed young man who has been making regular visits to South Gate Station ever since the death of his brother Pat, looking for answers and drinking away the pain. While investigating the case the player can learn much about his past.

Lenox's past

After their mother passed away when they were still young, Lenox and Patrick had to learn to survive on their own, mostly living as scavengers and doing odd jobs. The brothers eventually moved to Core City during the time of the riots, where Patrick joined Praetorian Security and served as one of their enforcers, until a severe back injury ended his career. Lenox took care of Patrick until he got better, after which the two of them split up, although they always remained in touch. For a time Lenox worked as a miner at Foundry, later on he became a dock worker at Junkyard.

Player interactions


  • Meet Lenox Pierce: Lenox wants you to investigate the death of his brother, former SGS electrician Patrick Pierce.