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Yevgeni 'Gorsky' Zolnerowich

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Faction South Gaters
Role SGS councilor
Veteran soldier
Location South Gate Station level 2
GMS compound level 1
Hardcore City Bar
Black Crawler camp
Quests GMS expedition
Meet Gorsky in the Core City
Rob Protectorate warehouse
Recover tunneler
Attack on Black Crawlers
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 20
Action Points: 50
Char file Gorsky.char
Dialog file(s) intro1.udlg

Tall, battle-scarred veteran.

In-game description


Gorsky is a big, tough, no nonsense kind of guy. He's one of the councilors of South Gate Station along with Hadrian Tanner and Vera Hale. In charge of SGS security matters. Gorsky intensely dislikes the United Stations and their Protectorate, preferring the freedom of more independent life.

Early on in the game, he can be found in the shooting range on SGS level 2. Afterwards, he moves on wherever the action is.

Gorsky's past

Dan Forte in Foundry reveals a bit about Gorsky's past. Gorsky used to in a gang with him, and they were the only survivors of a fight against a rival gang, Black Crawlers.

In Core City the player can persuade Gorsky to tell stories about his past with Dan, and it is revealed that Gorsky is planning an attack on the Black Crawlers base with a gang called Zone Rats. The player can help him in this.

In Oculus, there is a dossier on him which states his full birth name among other things. The origin of his alias, by which he is known exclusively, and the meaning of said alias, are unknown.

Player interactions

Gorsky is a man of action and he's often involved in anything that might pose a security risk to South Gate Station, or help bolster its position.


South Gate Station
  • GMS expedition: Gorsky's team in GMS compound tasks you with finding a key to GMS vault door.
Core City