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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Ethan Lanford

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Role Traveling temporal manipulator
Location South Gate Station
Core City
Hanging Rat
Loot Strange Medallion
Dialog file(s) ethan.udlg

Ethan is a wanderer of sorts and a Temporal manipulator that seeks to enjoy, study and spend time at his leisure.

Player interactions

Ethan can be found in gathering points like bars and cantinas in the underrail, changing locations when certain key quests are completed. Conversation usually revolves around Temporal Manipulation and the discovery and honing of his psionic potential in his youth.

Initially found in the SGS commons area, after completing Find the drill parts he moves to Core City's Hardcore City Bar second floor, and after Research Facility he settles in The Hanging Rat

With quest progression his Strange Medallion can be inquired about.

Psionic trainer

Ethan can mentor the following skills. He accepts both SGS Credits and Stygian Coins as payment. Female characters can learn one skill for free.