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Omega Station is an abandoned station in South Underrail.

War with SGS

Omega was an old rival of South Gate Station and their conflicts culminated in a bloody war, which ended with South Gaters wiping the Omega out. Battles of the SGS-Omega war were fought in South Gate outposts, GMS compound, Mushroom Cove and possibly elsewhere.

Some relics from the era of Omega can still be found, such as Omega ID Cards and Border Guard Orders. The remaining survivors from Omega are now scattered all around South Underrail.


The station itself is a vertical compound, much like South Gate Station and Omega's old GMS compound. Its upper entrance is located in Lower Underrail some ways north of GMS compound and lower entrance in the tunnels of Lower Caves between GMS compound and South Gate outposts, but the station's heavy gates are without power and the station interior is inaccessible. A band of raiders led by Gerhard Page have set up a camp outside the ruined station's lower entrance. The station also a third entrance, a dock into waterways known as Omega Pass.

The now forlorn South Gate outposts and GMS compound also used to belong to Omega and it is likely that Mushroom Cove Base did as well.

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