Rob Protectorate warehouse

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Rob protectorate warehouse

Warehouse with shield emitter shipment.png
Quest information
Location Core City
Given by Gorsky
Rewards 1500 classic XP / 2 oddity XP
Related quests
Recover tunneler

Meet Gorsky


Retake outpost for Gorsky

Gorsky needs something to aid them in the fight against Black Crawlers.


  • Gorsky wants you to find a way to enter the Protectorate warehouse at the Core City Docks and recover a shipment of energy shield emitters. Sneaky might have some clue as how to get in.


You need to get into Port Zenith to steal an Energy Shield Emitter Shipment.

To get in, you need to either:

  • Acquire Bob's Port Zenith Security Pass and walk in via the front entrance (needs 70 effective persuasion skill, possible only if playing a male character)
  • Sneak inside via the ventilation shafts beneath docks
    • You can sneak and lockpick the utility room door, or pickpocket its key from Superintendent Rubin (31 effective skill required).
    • You can intimidate (60 effective skill) or bribe the dock superintendent to let you in. The bribe is 50-200 charons depending on effective mercantile.

If you have Bob's pass and uniform equipped, you should be able walk around without provoking hostilities as long as you aren't too close to anyone. Otherwise you'll have to either sneak around - or kill everyone in sight. A Protectorate Heavy Gunner and a Protectorate Sentinel are patrolling the base. Another heavy gunner and a Protectorate Shock Trooper stands guard near the entrance. Rest of the personnel are civilian workers.

Once you're safely inside the warehouse area, you need to get into the warehouse #2:

Alternatively, the robbery can be avoided entirely:

Gorsky reluctantly admits that all he needs are 10 High Quality Shield Emitters, which in his words means that a Merchant would be willing to pay 200 charons for each one (This is only true on normal difficulty, on higher difficulties merchants will pay less, the condition is that the Emitter must have a value of 6000 or more). Gorsky says that you should prioritize High Frequency Emitters, but what he says isn't very important.

Once you have the Emitters, put them in the locker in the back, and report to Gorsky so he can check them.