Seek Acid Hunters (Coretech)

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Seek Acid Hunters
Main Storyline

Acid Hunters hideout.png
Quest information
Location Core City
Core City Sewers
Given by Rupert Simmons
Rewards 3500 classic XP / 3 oddity XP
600 Stygian Coin
Related quests
Look for Cornell



Research facility

NOTE: before the storyline can proceed to this point, two things must have happened:

  • You need to know about Cornell and his Acid Hunters. You can learn about them from Buzzer in Rail Crossing if you saved him from the Faceless, from Hugo in Foundry if you helped the Faceless group near Foundry, or from the Bloody Mobile Computer found in an Ironhead camp along the rails connecting Core City and Foundry.
  • You need to gain the oligarch's attention to get jobs directly from him. Try fighting and advancing ranks in the Arena. You will be contacted by a messenger outside the arena ticket office when you've done far enough.

From this point on, you'll be working directly for the Coretech oligarch Rupert Simmons. Your task is to find and kill Cornell of the Acid Hunters and bring his head to Mr. Simmons.


  • The Acid Hunters have killed Edmund Knight, son of Archibald Knight, chief of Praetorian Security. Mr. Simmons wants you to kill Cornell and bring him his head.


Using the advice you got from Mr. Simmons, head to Core City Sewers until you find the large drain pipe in the west-northwest corner. Descend down the second chamber and there you will find the secret switch and entrance to Acid Hunters' hideout. During the discussion you will lean that Edmund was killed by the Coretech oligarch son and that Coretech now has the cube. You can let them go and report you did not find them or kill them and bring Cornell's Head to Rupert Simmons. The rewards is the same. If you let them go, you just miss the loot (belt supporting chemical pistol).