Core City Underground

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Core City UndergroundUncontrolled zone

Cc whu1.png
Location information
Music Subterranon
Located in Core City
Areas Leaking pipes
Spider caves
Warehouse basement
Connections Core City Sewers
Coretech warehouse
NPCs none
Map file(s) cc_whu1

Core City Underground is a natural cave area accessible from west Core City Sewers after the warehouse events in Core City.


First area of the caves has some pipeworks leaking green mutagen and shacks inhabited by Mutants, just like the ones encountered in Depot A. Going deeper east into the caves leads into a large cave filled with spiderwebs and Coil Spiders waiting for prey to walk into their webs. Deepest part of the cave ends in the lower level of Coretech warehouse, just below Core City Lower Level.

Leaking pipes

Spider caves

  • The western exit leads to area Leaking pipes
  • The eastern exit leads to area Warehouse basement
  • The area has a few Coil Spiders
  • The area has some Electric web traps

Warehouse basement


  • Warehouse (JKK): the warehouse events from JKK point of view take you underneath the warehouse

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