Retrieve ICPD

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Retrieve ICPD
Main Storyline

Duff in Drop Zone.png
Quest information
Location Core City
Given by Harlan
Rewards 2000 classic XP / 2 oddity XP
400 Stygian Coin
random Energy Pistol
Related quests

Find Raul



After finding out what happened to Raul, you are tasked with retrieving a stolen prototype device.


  • Harlan tells you about a Coretech employee who is suspected of stealing the ICPD, a very important device from Coretech's lab. Find him, deal with him and retrieve the device.


Use the Coretech Tracking Device to find Luben in the Drop Zone. You'll learn from him that a zoner with three girls has the ICPD. The zoner's name is Duff. Once located, you can either buy back the ICPD (1000 or more charons without skill check, 500 charons with 50 effective mercantile, 200 charons with 75 effective mercantile), intimidate them by bluffing (75 effective skill required), challenge Duff to a fist fight and win, or pickpocket Duff (46 skill required, 35 with Ninja Looter). If all else fails you can still kill them and take the ICPD the usual way.

While this information has no practical use whatsoever, during your encounter with Luben you can learn the name of his employer Ola Halidorson if you never reveal your allegiance to him, and let him go once he told you what happened.

Even if Luben is allowed to leave, his burned corpse can be found later in Core City Sewers.