Faceless' stolen object

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Faceless' stolen object

Faceless group.png
Quest information
Location Foundry
Given by Faceless Centaur
Rewards 500 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
Plasma Core
Related quests
Investigate Faceless group

A group of Faceless near Foundry is looking for a strange object.


  • Faceless in the caves west of Foundry want you to help them locate a mysterious object that was stolen from them. You should inquire with the Foundry merchants.


Talking to them reveals they're looking for a special item that was stolen from them. The merchants of Foundry might have it or know something about it.

  • If you have already resolved the Faceless situation in Rail Crossing and know about Cornell's gang Acid Hunters, you can simply inform the Faceless about them.
  • Ask around in Foundry if you want to know more about this quest, but you only need to ask Barkeeper to trigger the next step.
  • Only two traders will have useful info: West will tell you about that object, Bobby will point you to the bar.
  • You even don't need to go to Hugo's house to ask Anna about Hugo, but you can persuade/intimidate her to get information (10 effective skill required for both), or finish Kill the Beast to gain her trust. Hugo can be found east of Foundry, held in a cave by some bandits. From here on, you have a couple of options.
    • You can either kill all the bandits and free Hugo that way.
    • Or persuade/intimidate the guard to let you negotiate with their leader, Jacek. (35 effective persuasion or 60 effective intimidation skill required)
      • You can pay Hugo's debt of 1000 charons.
      • Although you have the option to attempt to persuade Jacek to let Hugo go, it is not possible to pass this skill check.

Once you know where the Faceless' stolen object is, return to them. They will reward you with a high quality (around 100) Plasma Core for doing so and leave, presumably to Core City to search for Cornell.