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{{Store inventory
{{Store inventory
| sells =  
| sells =  
* [[Plasma Micro-discharger]]s
* [[Blueprint: EMP Grenade]]
* [[Blueprint: EMP Grenade]]
* [[Blueprint: EMP Mine]]
* [[Blueprint: EMP Mine]]

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Marcus Werther

Seacave.png Xpbl tchm l.png


Faction Expedition
Role Merchant
Location Black Sea Expedition Camp
Quests Recover the A-RFID Chip
Improve camp defenses
Abilities Aimed Shot
Steadfast Aim

Marcus is a sec-engineer working for Aegis Incorporated. He takes care of the expedition equipment and is also an electronics merchant. He uses an energy pistol in combat.


As a teenager Marcus was a witness of Protectorate takeover of Dis. He later graduated at Dis University at weapons engineering and started working at TRC, an old Biocorp facility on designing auto-turret systems. After that he moved to working at a Protectorate Dreadnought production facility, before finally joining Aegis three and a half years ago. He is happily married to a woman named Maria, a fellow graduate of Dis University.

Player interactions

Trader inventory

He sells various electronic equipment and energy weapons.

Notable items sold Looking to buy
Cash available