Free Maura

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Free Maura

Abram's dig site.png
Quest information
Location United Stations Embassy
Given by Abram
Rewards 2000 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
1000 Stygian Coins
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Abram's bug


Find Abram in Core City

After some time has passed since completing Abram's last mission, you will be contacted by a random Junkyard commoner who tells you that Abram wants to see you and you should head to the caves west of Junkyard entrance (Location Lower Caves, area junkyard tunnel 2) if you want some action.

At least an hour or so needs to pass, and one of these commoners can be met at Junkyard Gate[1]. Another can be found in the slums standing in front of Vince.


  • Rescue Maura from the Protectorate prison in Junkyard for Abram (you can access the prison through a hole in caves north of Junkyard gate)


Easier than it sounds, thanks to Abram's preparation. The ventilation shafts lead directly to Maura's cell, although you will have to drop out of them once and sneak to the next section via a medical lab. If you can't pick the cell door lock (80 lockpicking needed) you must either steal or loot Cell 1 Key (Junkyard) from the guard in the security monitoring room in east or steal it from the medical lab. There are several ways to free Maura:

  • Opening the vent inside the room will allow her to leave through the vents.
  • Opening the door to the room (60 lockpicking required) unlocks 2 options:
    • A Stealth check allows you to sneak her through the Embassy and towards a vent adjacent to the escape route.
    • Opening the vent down the hallway allows her to go through that vent instead by making a run for it.
  • Carrying a Body Bag and wearing a Biotechnician's Suit (both can be found in the medical lab) allows you to carry her to a vent.

Alternatively, just go in guns blazing and kill everyone. Free Maura once there are no Protectorate survivors left. This should not turn Protectorate forces outside the prison hostile, unless you leave the prison via the upstairs leading to embassy.

After the mission, Abram invites you to find him in Core City later.

Or you can betray Abram and report his plan to Second Lieutenant Garren. Then Garren will lead an assault team to the cave. Joining the fight will give you 500 charons and 2000 classic or 1 oddity XP as reward.