Abram's bug

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Abram's bug

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Quest information
Location Junkyard - United Stations Embassy
Given by Abram
Rewards 500 classic XP / 0 oddity XP
500 Stygian Coins
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Info for Abram


Free Maura

After giving Abram the info (quest Info for Abram) he wanted about the Union embassy, he has another task for you.


  • Sneak Abram's cybernetic spawn into ventilation ducts of United Stations embassy in Junkyard


You need to get Abram's Cybernetic Spawn into a ventilation duct inside the embassy without anyone noticing. A sneaky character is suggested.

It is possible to complete this mission without investing in Stealth skill nor gear. You can hack (40 effective skill required) the door to the room east of Deputy's - just start the hack once the patrol is out of sight. With the right timing you can hack it before the patrol comes back. Afterwards, enter the room when out of sight again and go for the vent. The guard by the door to the south will be visible, but he will not notice anything you do.

Alternatively you can simply pickpocket Athanas' Keycard from the Ambassador to get access to the room.

With 30 effective Persuasion, you may speak with the Deputy in the room outside the Ambassador's Office and you will be given several dialogue options that will send the Deputy into the office to find something the player "lost". If successful, the Deputy will leave the room for 30-45 seconds, giving you time to plant the bug. Vent covers do not need to be removed to plant the bug.