Cave (Random dungeon 1)

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CaveUncontrolled zone

Random cave 1 camp.png
Random dungeon information
Music Subterra
Located in Random low level area
Areas Camp
South—Cave passage
East—Cave passage
North—Cave passage
West—Cave passage
NPCs Possibly corpses
Map file(s) dun_lowLevelCave1

Cave (unofficially low level cave 1) is a random dungeon.


It is a fairly large cave-themed random dungeon that can appear in low level areas before Junkyard. Contains a camp with some loot and "Arena Now" Broadcasting Schedule oddity, a tiny shroom cave behind an agility check, two rubbles containing Trilobite Fossil and Obsidian Shard oddities.

Random factors include corpses that may appear in the dungeon. Access to large segments of the cave, such as the camp or pool, may be blocked off by rocks and require TNT Charge or Jackhammer to access.


Possible locations

This dungeon has potential cave passage type exits into all cardinal directions. It can only appear in low level areas.

The following entrance fragments can lead into this dungeon.

Map Gallery

Note that parts of random dungeon layout are different each time it appears. This shows the base dungeon before any random features are generated.