Hanging Rat

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Hanging RatUncontrolled zone

A weird out of the way inn.
Hanging rat.png
Location information
Music Subterra
Located in Upper Caves
Areas Bar
Deep Caverns elevator
Connections Upper Caves
NPCs Rude Rob, Dragan, Barry, Joel, Azif, Patron
Map file(s) lux-b11

Hanging Rat is a location in Upper Caves.

Welcome to Hanging Rat, the most remote bar in Lower Underrail.



Hanging Rat is a bar in Upper Caves, almost directly north of Rail Crossing and a long way southwest from Foundry. Easiest way to reach it: take the Metro to Rail Crossing, head north to caves, keep heading north on the west bank of the river and take the second turn west. (The first turn is the top of a cliff over the Deep Caverns.)

There's a barkeeper here willing to trade insults and miscellaneous items, but not much else.