Rathound King

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Rathound King

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Rathound King.png

Faction Rathounds
Location Rathound King Lair
Rathound Lair (Deep Caverns)
Loot Rathound Regalia
Rathound King's head
Rathound King's Key
Abilities Immune to fear
Aimed Shot
Kneecap Shot
Quick Pockets
Trap Expert
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 20
Action Points: 50
Initiative: 23
Resistances Mechanical: 25% / 5
Cold: 10% / 5

Rathound King is a savage, tall, muscular man wearing rathound skin. He holds some power over rathounds and commands them. He is also an expert trapper, and the way to his lair is indeed well-trapped. He and his rathounds have been invading Camp Hathor's hunting grounds for years.

Rathound King is a "boss" character, and on DOMINATING difficulty will appear with 400% of his regular health.

Player interactions

While Rathound King is a savage, he can still be reasoned with. Or maybe he's just bored and doesn't get many visitors. Either way, he's willing to talk.

Unsurprisingly, he doesn't like rathound related jokes too much.