Rathound King Lair

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Rathound King LairUncontrolled zone

You have a creepy feeling that someone is staring at you intensely from some dark corner as you move through these caves.
Dungeon information
Music Subterranon
Located in Lower Caves
Areas Minefield, Labyrinth, Rathound King Lair
Connections Lower Caves
NPCs Rathound King
Map file(s) cv21

Rathound King Lair is a location in Lower Caves.


It's the lair of the eponymous Rathound King. It is located directly south of Camp Hathor, and not even very far away. Only a few large rathound packs are between the camp and lair.

The rathound king is an expert trapper. You'll have to make your way through a dark, dense minefield and a labyrinth filled with mines and other traps in order to reach his throne room. High Perception/Detection or Traps skill is extremely helpful here.

Labyrinth (lower)

Labyrinth (upper)

Rathound King Lair



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