GMS expedition

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GMS expedition
Main Storyline

GMS vault.png
Quest information
Location GMS compound
Given by Gorsky
Rewards 1250 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
400 SGS Credits
Related quests

Hopper round up
Find Newton


Find the drill parts

After you're done with Bret's tasks, Tanner asks you to complete Gorsky's tasks. Once they are complete and you return to Tanner, you also gain 2000 XP.


  • Travel to GMS compound and talk to Gorsky (Essie at the Lower Underrail exit can instruct you on how to get there)
  • Find a way to open the sealed door in the GMS compound
  • Complete tasks Gorsky gives you and return to Tanner


Head to SGS level 1, exit the station platform area to north, head west from the first junction and make your way to GMS compound. Speak to Gorsky once inside (100 XP) and he'll give you a task to a key to the storage door.

To access level 2 of the compound, you can either use the stairs in the northwest corner or the elevator, once you have re-routed power to it in the generator room. Level 2 is patrolled by 3 Sentry Bots, which can be very dangerous to take on as a low level character. Sneaking around is one option, and the ventilation shafts make this easier even for non-steathy characters. You will find an emergency hatch leading down to third level on the southeast corner of this level. The key to this hatch is on a dead body northwest from the hatch.

Upon entering level 3, you will find out that some raiders have attacked a small local community. With high enough social skills, you can talk your way out of the initial encounter and the raiders will become neutral towards you. Without social skills, you will have to kill at least the raiders immediately below the emergency hatch. After that, you can either kill the raiders and free the hostages - or ignore them and simply sneak around until you find the key. You will eventually find the Level 1 Storage Keycard (GMS) on the third level of the compound, in late Dr. Bloomberg's room. If you don't feel like searching for the key, after you've reached level 3 you can go back to Gorsky and persuade him to pack up and return to SGS (25 effective skill required), but you won't get the experience or the 400 credits. If you bring back the keycard you get the rewards and you can try to persuade him to give you the keycard back (30 effective skill required). If you fail the check, you can simply visit Quinton back in SGS and talk to him about it and visit Gorsky, who's returned to the armory.