Find Newton

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Find Newton
Main Storyline

Newton hiding.png
Quest information
Location Mushroom Cove Base
Given by Big Bret
Rewards 700 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
Related quests
Hopper round up

Retake the outposts


GMS expedition

Tanner asks you to complete Bret's tasks, Hopper round up and Find Newton. Once both tasks are complete, return to Tanner.


  • A young man named Newton was sent by Big Bret to catch cave hoppers in the Mushroom cove, but he hasn't returned yet. See what's taking him so long
  • Complete tasks Bret gives you and return to Tanner


Talk to Bret to receive details about the mission. Newton can be found inside Mushroom Cove Base, at the west end of Mushroom Cove's northern shore. The large main door is permanently shut, but you can enter via the side door.

You can either kill all the psi bugs in the base as Newton requested, or lie to Newton that you've killed them.

  • If you kill the bugs, Newton will survive on his way out of the base.
  • If you lie, he will die on his way out and you can loot his corpse for some hopper capture equipment.

When you're done, return to Bret. He will send you to report to Tanner, who will give you your next assignment.