Retake the outposts

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Retake the outposts
Main Storyline

Outposts power generator.png
Quest information
Location South Gate Outposts
Given by Hadrian Tanner
Rewards 1000 classic XP / 1 oddity XP

Retook all 5 outposts:
450 SGS Credits

Retook only 3-4 outposts:
300 SGS Credits

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Bret's task

After your target practice session and medical check-up, Councilor Tanner gives you your first field mission for the South Gaters. Down in the caverns below South Gate Station, just a short way to the north, lies a series of five abandoned outposts constructed by Omega Station. You are to retake at least three of these outposts, preferably all five.


  • Talk to Harold on the engineering level to find out how to reactivate the power generator in the outposts to the north
  • Reactivate the power generator and retake the outposts in the cave tunnels to the north. There are total of five outposts, and you'll need to activate at least three of them


Talk to Tanner to receive mission briefing (50 XP). Start by heading down to engineering level, where you will find Harold, the SGS chief mechanic. He will fill you in on the details of the job (100 XP). You will need to activate the main power generator in one of the outposts and then restart the others. He will also hand you the Flux Controller needed to restart the main generator.

Next, head down to level 9 and if you haven't already, talk to Malcom, the guard stationed there. He will issue you a keycard that lets you access the south caves via the secure transition room.

Once outside, head to the building just ahead, directly to east. This is Crossroad Watch. Old Jonas here will have some information for you regarding the outposts and you can also pick up a sidequest to find his watch, which he lost while scavenging around the outposts.

Now you are finally ready to move to the outpost caverns. Exit the crossroad watch post and head north. You will get a message about rathounds lurking ahead. The whole outposts area is indeed infested with rathounds, but they shouldn't prove too dangerous. Just don't let them surround you. The chainlink fences and gates can be used against them, since they can't open gates. You can also head back to SGS medical level for free heals if you're too wounded to continue.

The first area has two of the outposts, one of which is locked, but the lock can be picked. There's some junk to be scavenged in and around the outposts and characters with high perception may also find trapdoors leading to tunnel connecting these two outposts. The main outpost with the power generator lies to west. Head there next and simply plug the flux controller in to reactive the generator. Then you can re-power rest of the outposts. There's also another outpost in this area. If you managed to enter both the outposts in the last area, you can already reactivate the minimum of three outposts and head back to SGS, if you so wish. Further to the northwest is another area with the fourth outpost in it. A drifter, M'lan Ratula, has taken residence in here and has to be dealt with. The fifth and final outpost is far in the east. It's locked, but the lock can be picked or it can be accessed via an underground tunnel, if you manage to detect its entrance trapdoor.

Once you're done with the outposts, make your way back to Tanner's office for your reward. If you killed the rathounds you encountered instead of sneaking past them, you should've found Jonas' watch as well.