Overcharge facility

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Overcharge facility
Main Storyline

Overcharge Facility Boilers.png
Quest information
Location Core City
Given by Phreak
Rewards 1500 classic XP / 2 oddity XP
CACS (possibly)
Related quests

HV penetrator assembly

Phreak wants you to activate boilers in the facility below.


  • Now that High Voltage Penetrator is assembled, Phreak wants you to aid him in overcharging the entire facility, by enabling the water boilers of the nearby facility, located on the level below and then east from where Phreak himself is. Once done, find a nearby console to further overburden the system.


Boilers are located floor below. Player needs to press all switches on the boilers and then go to the console nearby and conduct emergency protocol. Each time player presses a switch, after a short delay the boiler will start regularly emitting waves of electricity that will instantly kill player if they are not in a safe spot. To safely activate all boilers, player should traverse the electric floor area in combat mode (ENTER button by default). Once you activated all boilers and conducted emergency protocol, a path leading directly to the Research Facility and to the Abomination's Lair will be enabled, but it is dangerous area as there are both robots (likely varying in difficulty, up to an Industrial Robots) and several Death Stalkers.

If Phreak's attitude to you is friendly enough, after you return to him, he will award player with four CACS and from now on he will be also selling them. He sells four CACS for 200 charons however after the purchase, he will need some time to prepare another batch.