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* [[Study the rock creatures]]: Ezra knows quite a bit about these creatures found in Foundry's mines.
* [[Study the rock creatures]]: Ezra knows quite a bit about these creatures found in Foundry's mines.
* He knows what the {{spoiler|[[Acorn|ACoNR]]}} is and will accept it.  
* He knows what the {{spoiler|[[Acorn|ACoNR]]}} is and will accept it.  
Ezra carries [[Haxxor Mk III]] which can be [[pickpocketing|pickocketed]] from him with 79 effective skill.
=== Trader inventory ===
=== Trader inventory ===

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Warehouse.png Ezra l.png
100 (+21)

Ezra model.png

Faction South Gaters
Role Chief of the engineering sector
Head network administrator
Electronics Merchant
Mind controller
Location South Gate Station level 7
Quests Study the rock creatures
Abilities Aimed Shot
Mental Breakdown
Mental Subversion
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 20
Base Abilities Strength: 7
Dexterity: 6
Agility: 6
Constitution: 4
Perception: 11
Will: 18
Intelligence: 15
Skills Guns: 80 (127)
Throwing: 20 (23)
Crossbows: 50 (79)
Melee: 20 (25)
Dodge: 0 (4)
Evasion: 40 (46)
Stealth: 100 (116)
Thought Control: 120 (262)
Psychokinesis: 75 (164)
Metathermics: 75 (164)
Temporal Manipulation: 0 (26)
Persuasion: 30 (65)
Char file Ezra.char
Dialog file(s) Ezra1.udlg
Shop file Ezra.store

Ezra is the chief of South Gate Station's engineering sector and a powerful mind controller.


You immediately notice there is something off with this man. His face is pale and hairless. He is missing one of his eyes and instead wires protrude from his eye socket, travelling over the side of his face and disappearing down the back of his neck. The other eye is almost colorless with the pupil so contracted that you question whether he can even see at all.

In-game description

Ezra is the head network administrator and chief of the entire engineering sector in South Gate Station. He can be found on the Engineering and Cyber Labs level, inside the cyber labs. He is also a powerful psionic mind controller, although not many in the station know about this, perhaps partly due to his powers.

Ezra's past

In the distant past he was Anton Matveev, an Apex Technocrat of the Old Biocorp. He worked on many various projects, sometimes acting as an overseer, and was among the top personnel at Hollow Earth complex. Even then he was infamous for his hideous self-augmentation and immense psionic power which he used during field experiments, and according to Wyatt Pear was responsible for the mutagen outbreak at Depot A.

He immediately recognizes a Psimorph adaptation, Borer because he is familiar with the Mushroom Forest project.

He was already at the very top of the Biocorp hierarchy at the time of Hollow Earth Incident, which puts his estimated age well over 200. Like John Dyson, another surviving scientist that was subordinate to Matveev, he has not aged at all, as did mutagen-subjected Wyatt Pear.

Player interactions

Psionic trainer

Ezra can train Thought Control psi skills. If you ask him if he's a mind controller, he performs a nifty mind control trick, which can be resisted with high enough Will, on you while also teaching Neural Overload.

Later on, he can teach Frighten and Mental Breakdown if you have the required thought control skill level.



Ezra carries Haxxor Mk III which can be pickocketed from him with 79 effective skill.

Trader inventory

He trades various electronics and electronic devices - tools, blueprints and components. He will start selling Shield Emitters and their blueprint, after finishing the quest to find the drill parts. Late in the game, he also sells Psionic Mentor: Neurovisual Disruption.

Notable items sold Looking to buy
Cash available