Shroomling Chomper

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Shroomling Chomper

MushroomCave.png Shroomling chomper l.png

Shroomling Chomper.png

Role Psimorph
Location Mushroom Forest
Loot Crystallized Spore
Adrenal Gland
Cave Ear
Gremlin Stool
Oozing Shroom
Red Dream Mushroom
Spirit Mushroom
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Range: Melee
Action Points: 50

Shroomling Chomper is a critter.


The result of Psimorphs adapting to the Mushroom Forest, Chompers prefer to, you guessed it, chomp on the player.

Fighting tactics

Their primary attack is a bite that deals mechanical and bio damage with a chance of inflicting Spore Infection. They also start off laying down, resembling an ordinary patch of oversized mushrooms.

They are resistant to mechanical damage and are functionally immune to bio damage and that's about it. Basically, treat them like a weaker version of a Tchortling Devourer.