Young Azuridae

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Young Azuridae

Cave.png Young psi beetle l.png
100 (+25)

Young Azuridae.png

Role Young psionic insect
Location Lower CavesE
Mushroom CoveEN
Cave (Random dungeon 1)
Cave (Random dungeon 2)N
Loot Insectoid Salivarium
Psi Beetle Brain (oddity)
Psi Beetle Carapace
Abilities Gains Psionic Synergy in groups
Neural Overload
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 1
Damage: 3-8
Range: Melee
Action Points: 50
Initiative: 9
Detection: 20
Base Abilities Strength: 4
Dexterity: 2
Agility: 2
Constitution: 4
Perception: 3
Will: 6
Intelligence: 3
Skills Melee: 10
Resistances Mechanical: 20% / 4
(10% / 2 when brain is exposed)

Heat: 0% / 0
Cold: 0% / 0
Electricity: 0% / 0
Acid: 0% / 0
Energy: 0% / 0
Bio: 0% / 0
Main article: Azuridae

Young Azuridae are the rarely seen young of the Azuridae beetle family. Only a few of them can be encountered, primarily on lower difficulties, in early low level areas around South Gate Station. However asking Ezra for a thought control lesson and giving in to his will always pits you against a young psi beetle regardless of difficulty.


Young beetles are weaker and less dangerous, but are otherwise almost identical to their fully grown counterparts. They are inherently capable of invoking Neural Overload, but while they benefit from a weaker form of Psionic Synergy which gives a slight boost to their skill, it does not grant them access to further abilities.