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MushroomCave.png Latcher l.png


Role Psimorph larvae
Location Mushroom Forest
Loot Metaworm Gizzard
Insectoid Salivarium
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Range: Melee
Action Points: 50

Latcher is a critter. Similar to their Borer cousins, they are non-aggressive unless provoked.


Latchers are small, passive, worm-like creatures found only in the Mushroom Forest. Similar in many ways to Borers, it is implied that they are psimorphs that had adapted to the mutated, experimental fungi that were being grown by Biocorp researchers before the Hollow Earth Incident.

Fighting tactics

The danger posed by latchers is virtually non-existent. They have low health, and their one attack is a fairly weak bite. If any become hostile for any reason, they can be easily dispatched with any weapon on hand.