Tchortling Scanner

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Tchortling Scanner

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200 (+45)

Tchortling Scanner.png

Faction Tchortlings
Location Hollow Earth
Mutagen Tanks A
Mutagen Tanks B
Loot Filled Tooth
Tumorous Tchortling Brain
Adrenal Gland
Healthy Animal Heart
Large Intestine
Abilities Cerebral Trauma
Mental Breakdown
Neural Overload
Pseudo-spatial Projection
Psi-cognitive Interruption
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Damage: 10-15
Range: 7
Action Points: 50
Initiative: 19
Detection: 190
Base Abilities Strength: 4
Dexterity: 8
Agility: 6
Constitution: 4
Perception: 8
Will: 12
Intelligence: 8
Resistances Mechanical: 0% / 0
Heat: 0% / 0
Cold: 0% / 0
Electricity: 0% / 0
Acid: 0% / 0
Energy: 0% / 0
Bio: 100%

Tchortling Scanners are the psionic specialists among Tchort's minions in Deep Caverns, and will attack anyone they perceive as a threat to their creator.

According to Harmost Stavros Tchort manipulates organic matter obtained from local sources, such as wildlife, fungus, or plants to create them, and can use this ability to protect itself even while in a vulnerable state. It is unknown when this trait was developed.


Scanners rely first and foremost on their Thought Control abilities. They tend to start combat by casting Mental Breakdown, then follow it up with either Neural Overload, or Psi-cognitive Interruption if the player is a psionic.

Thanks to their high psi regeneration and the low cost of Neural Overload, under normal circumstances they are not likely to run out of psi. However should they get inhibited, they will resort to a weak ranged attack that deals between 10-15 Mechanical damage

Fighting tactics

Like all Tchortlings, outside of Nucleus they spawn only while the Eye of Tchort debuff is active, making them very easy to avoid altogether.

When fighting Scanners, the most important is to strike first and avoid the Mental Breakdown. Aside from their Bio immunity and the Pseudo-spatial Projection ability which allows them to summon 7 clones, they have next to no resistances, so killing them should not pose much challenge. However keep in mind that they have high resolve, and might resist your Thought Control abilities.

Psionics can activate the Locus of Control ability to gain temporary immunity to everything except the basic ranged attack.