Ancient Rathound

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Ancient Rathound

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Role Elder rathounds
Location Rathound King Lair
Core City Arena
Deep Caverns
Caerus Residential
Rathound Lair
Hunting Grounds
Abandoned WarehouseD
Lower UnderrailD
Lower CavesD
Upper CavesD
Loot Animal organs
Ancient Rathound Tooth
Ancient Rathound Leather
Abilities Gains Pack Hunting in groups
Rend attack
Immune to stun
Immune to flashbang effects
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 20
Damage: 50-80 (121-193)
Range: Melee
Action Points: 50
Initiative: 18
Detection: 194
Base Abilities Strength: 14
Dexterity: 7
Agility: 6
Constitution: 14
Perception: 12
Will: 4
Intelligence: 3
Skills Melee: 110 (203)
Dodge: 35 (43)
Evasion: 35 (43)
Intimidation: 110 (203)
Resistances Mechanical: 15% / 5
Heat: 0% / 0
Cold: 15% / 5
Electricity: 0% / 0
Acid: 0% / 0
Energy: 0% / 0
Bio: 0% / 0
Main article: Rathound

Ancient Rathound

Ancient Rathounds are particularly strong and cunning, long-lived rathounds. They are much larger and tougher than any common rathounds and have washed out gray hides and deeper growls.

Unlike their lesser counterparts, they are not afraid of fire, cannot be stunned and their thicker fur provides some Mechanical and Cold resistance, furthermore the Conditioning feat gives them an additional 19% Mechanical, Heat and Cold reduction. To avoid detection by ancient rathounds when in stealth mode, player needs effective stealth skill of 81.

They have a Rend attack like Rathound Alphas, albeit a more powerful one.

With the exception of Deep Caverns, Ancient Rathounds are pretty rare. On DOMINATING difficulty however, they can be found just about anywhere regular rathounds can be found.

There is also a psionic ancient rathound named Jookhela in Core City Sewers.