Morghrir-Tem Patriarch

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Morghrir-Tem Patriarch

Cave.png Rb l.png
100 (+18)

Morghrir-Tem Patriarch.png

Location Lower CavesNHD
Upper CavesNHD
Loot Adrenal Gland
Human Brain
Human Heart
Psi Reinvigorator
Super Health Hypo
Abilities Bilocation
Cerebral Trauma
Mental Breakdown
Mental Subversion
Neural Overload
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Action Points: 50
Initiative: 17

Morghrir-Tem Patriarch is a character you can run into in a random event, leader of the psionic Morghrir-Tem Cultists. He wields a knife, and is a powerful thought controller. In his inventory he carries a Psi Reinvigorator, two doses of rare Super Health Hypo, and the organs he extracted from his human sacrifice.

Random events