Cave (Random dungeon 2)

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CaveUncontrolled zone

Random cave2.jpg
Random dungeon information
Music Subterra
Located in Random low level area
Areas Upper level
Lower level
South—Cave passage (upper level)
East—Cave passage (upper level)
North—Cave passage (lower level)
West—Cave passage (lower level)
West—Bunker passage (lower level)
NPCs None
Map file(s) dun_lowlevelcave2

Cave (unofficially low level cave 2) is a random dungeon.


A small cavern with 2 floors. On the upper floor there is a waterfall and the aftermath of random critters' fight. Both floors have potential connection points and this dungeon has a chance to lead into other random dungeons (Low level bunker 1, Low level bunker 2, Low level cave 1).

Upper level

  • Potential cave exit to south
  • Potential cave exit to east
  • 1 Mindshroom
  • Waterwall, usually with corpses of two random creature races around it. The creatures are random and there is a chance that some of them have survived.
    • Potential creatures include (incomplete list)
      • Azuridae Goliathus
      • Burrower and Spawn
      • Crawler
      • Rathound
      • Rathound Alpha

Lower level


Some Young Azuridae are always on the lower level. The upper level may contain random survivor critter from the fight.

Possible locations

This dungeon has potential cave passage type exits into all cardinal directions. It has potential bunker passage exit into west. It can only appear in low level areas.

The following entrance fragments can lead into this dungeon.

Map Gallery

Note that parts of random dungeon layout are different each time it appears. This is just an example.