Foundry murders

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Foundry murders

Murder victims.png
Quest information
Location Foundry bunker
Given by Evidence of Murder
Rewards 750+750 classic XP / 1+1 oddity XP
250 Stygian Coin
Foundry's mayor's trust
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You found some serious murder evidence. The quest actually starts by finding some murder evidence in the bunker under the Foundry.


  • You found evidence that Evelyn Ingram is a serial murderer, you should report her to the authorities


There are a couple of ways of stumbling into the murder evidence:

  • You can either enter the slums via northwest Foundry and bypass a couple of locks to enter the bunker. Both lockpicking and hacking skill required, but you need only 10, so use some tool is easy enough for any player lack on lockpicking and hacking.
  • Alternatively, male characters can get drugged by Evelyn. All of your items will be in a locked footlocker next to Evelyn's bed, and she has the key.
    • When Evelyn attacks, you can try to defeat her in unarmed combat. She has a knife.
    • If you cannot beat her in a fight, you can escape to the bunker via a nearby ventilation shaft. This is a dangerous encounter for characters without stealth, but you can:
      • Find some flashbangs in the bunker that can help you escape from Evelyn.
      • Use a computer console in the south west to hack (45 effective skill) the nearby Auto-Turrets to target Evelyn.
      • Use a Power Box, electrified floor and ventilation shaft in the south west.
      • Exit via the slums ladder if you have previously unlocked it from the outside.
      • Find some random crossbow parts and bolts in the southwest shelves. Create crossbow with Mechanics and shoot her with your crossbow if skill is high enough. Be advised that parts quality is random, so you better be a high mechanics character to use this solution.
      • Southwest shelves has a lockpick Mk.II, use it to unlock the weapon shelf (50 skill required) at south to get a random armor and assault rifle to gun her down.
    • Once she's dead, search the corpse for her keys so you can get out and get your stuff back.

Once in the bunker you can use Evelyn's personal laptop. The password can be found on a Piece of Paper in a nearby desk. Read Evelyn's diary and (by viewing the last entry) download it to memory stick to get Evidence of Murder.

Take the evidence to Chief in south west Foundry.

Male characters can get 1 additional oddity XP (total 2) or 750 classic XP (total 1500) for escaping from Evelyn or killing her. Simply turning Evidence of Murder to Chief will only give you 1 oddity XP.