Kill Balor

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Kill Balor

Balor and gang.png
Quest information
Location Foundry
Given by Chief
Rewards 3500 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
1000 Stygian Coin
Foundry's mayor's trust
Related quests

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Chief in Foundry wants you to kill the boss of Ironhead bandits.


  • Chief Banner wants you to kill Balor, the leader of Ironheads, and bring him his red cybernetic eye. He is probably located in the warehouse complex south of Foundry.


A quite straighforward mission. Balor can be found in Warehouse Block Beta south of Foundry. From the metro, travel west once then south. You will find him in the southeast part of the large warehouse district. Kill him, take his Red Cybernetic Eye and bring it to Chief.