Camera problems

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Camera problems
Random quest

Stolen camera.png
Quest information
Location South Gate Station level 7
Lower Passages
Given by Lucas
Rewards 2000 classic XP / 2 oddity XP
400 SGS Credits

Note: This quest will only appear in playthroughs where the Lower Passages random dungeon exists.

Harland has asked for another auto-turret with ammunition and Lucas wants you to see if he actually needs it.


  • Talk to Harland about his request for and extra auto-turret and more ammunition. He can be reached by going to the SGS metro station, then entering the under-passages from there.
  • Harland wants you to go talk with Harold about fixing up a bot which will help you explore the dark cave near his guard post.
  • Someone's taken down one of Harland's under-passage cameras, and he thinks it's in preperation of an attack on his guard post. Investigate what is going on.


Walk to the armory on South Gate Station level 2 and talk to Lucas. He will tell you that Harland has requested another auto-turret and wants you to make sure he's not just being paranoid.

Go to his guard post in the Under-passages and ask him about the situation. Harland will tell you that one of his cameras has been ripped off its mount and he suspects it might be in preperation for a lurker attack. Once in the under passages, you will find a hole in the wall which leads to a tiny, dark cave with a Stalker inside. Report back to Harland.

Once you tell him about this dead stalker and that tiny, dark cave, Harland asks you to go and talk to Harold about making a small explorer robot that he can control remotely (with 11 effective Perception you can find the entrance to the next area in the cave without help of the explorer bot). Go and talk to Harold about the bot. Once player finished Gorsky's task, the bot will be ready. Return to the guard post where Harland will tell you that he's got the bot, but it's run out of charge. You're sent off to recharge it (any battery size will do.)

Once the explorer bot is moving, escort it through the dark passages until you reach the northwest corner. From there is a small transition to a cave with a trapped group of smugglers, lead by Zack. You don't have to deal with their problems, just find out what's going on there. Go back to Harland for your reward.

Possible scenarios

  • Smugglers are held hostage by rogue Plasma Sentries. Player can safely ignore their problems.
  • Smugglers have been imprisoned by three Lurkers. When approaching the camp unstealthed, the player gets knocked unconscious by Krix, disarmed and gets thrown into the holding cell with Zack and the others. Upon waking up the player has to either tear down the fence holding everyone captive (Strength 8) or find a lockpick in the trash pile nearby and lockpick the door (no Lockpicking skill required to succeed). There is a Plasma Sentry nearby that can be charged up(any battery size will do) to make short work of the cannibals. Player's weapons can be found on a shelf near the bandits.
  • Smugglers have been drugged by Jacob. Player can safely ignore their problems.

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