Everard's assignment

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Everard's assignment

Foundry cell Everard.png
Quest information
Location Foundry
Given by Jack Quicksilver
Rewards 3000 classic XP / 2 oddity XP
400 Stygian Coin
Related quests
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Find Abram in Core City

After meeting with Abram in Core City, Jack Quicksilver has some tasks for you. This one is a jailbreak operation.


  • Jack wants you to go to Foundry and locate one of their cells there. There, Everard will give you an assignment. The answer to the question, "Who goes there?" is "The neophyte."
  • Todor Sallywatch, one of Everard's men, was caught at the murder scene and is being held in Foundry prison. He is to be liberated before he reveals something about the cell. If not, then find another way to make sure he doesn't talk.


You will find Everard in the northwest part of Foundry, on top of one of the towers. Head there and get the mission details from him.

The entrance to Foundry Prison is at the south end of southwest part of Foundry, right outside West's electronics shop. You can try persuading the prison warden, Delma, to let you meet with Todor, break into the west storeroom and enter the jail area via ventilation shafts, or sneak into the jail area through the visiting room to talk with him. Note that if the cameras see you at all, you will leave evidence that can be removed with hacking skill at the console in the security room. Leaving any cell doors open will also cause a lockdown in the prison.

There are some ways of handling this. You can:

  1. Present (fake) evidence to Chief Banner proving Todor's innocence. You will need to:
    • Talk to Todor about the circumstances, either by sneaking into the cells or persuading Delma (55 effective skill required, can be bypassed by finishing the Kill the Beast quest or by pretending you are Todor's wife - female characters only) to let you meet him. As of version, once Chief Banner trusts you, an option for persuading Delma (65 effective skill required) to give you access to the surveillance room becomes available, making it easier to use the security console or pickpocket the Storeroom key and Visiting Room key from the Supervisor.
    • Find his sniper rifle on the rooftops in the same area as the prison just north of West's Shop.
    • Convince Chief that he has no solid evidence against Todor. He will refuse to deal with the case unless he trusts you, which can be achieved by finishing the quests Foundry murders or Kill Balor.
    • WARNING: This is considered to be the only optimal way of finishing this quest, in regards to triggering follow up Meet Azif quest
  2. Jailbreak Todor out of the prison.
    • Behind the poster in the opposite cell of Todor's is an escape tunnel. At the end of this tunnel is a rock, which you can destroy with TNT Charge or a Jackhammer to open it up. It will lead to the area north of the eastern tracks of Foundry. Be aware that destroying the rock will put the prison under lockdown, meaning that the guards will be hostile to you and if you go around and enter the prison through the main entrance they will say that you are not allowed any longer in the prison due to ongoing investigations.
    • Be sure to erase any security camera footage if you are caught on tape. Erasing the tapes requires 30 effective hacking, but with 80 effective hacking security camera recording can be disabled completely, while 60 base hacking gets rid of the turrets and their true-sight.
    • If you are seen, leave no witnesses to avoid future problems in Foundry.
  3. Kill Todor.
    • Can be done by sneaking into the cells or while meeting him. With 65 base persuasion you can talk him into suicide, provided you have brought a vial of Burrower, Crawler, Spirit, Leper, Heartbreak or Blinding poison with you. The type of poison you offer makes no practical difference, but the better the poison, the more humane the effect is described to be.

Once Todor is out or silenced, go inform Everard and head back to Jack Quicksilver in Core City for your monetary reward.