Fix Gloria

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Fix Gloria

Gloria's control panel.png
Quest information
Location Foundry
Given by Bernard
Rewards 1000 classic XP / 2 oddity XP
Related quests

Study the rock creatures


Kill the Beast

Foundry's Mayor doesn't like the idea of using the furnaces near residential areas, find a different way to kill the beast.


  • Find a different way to kill the Beast. Or...
  • Repair the large melting furnace in Foundry.


Head to the northmost part of Foundry where the old large furnace, Gloria resides. Talk to the furnace's keeper, Bernard, about its temperature and repairing it. With sufficient skill in Electronics (60 effective skill required, 50 skill will get you a different conversation to mention you almost fix her, but you still need 60), you can fix Gloria on your own.

If your Electronics skill is lacking, the local electronics merchant, West, can help - for a price. He charges 500 Charons, 400 Charons with mercantile (45 effective skill required). Once Gloria is fixed, talk to Bernard about its operation.