Missing merchants

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Missing merchants

Terry Baker's body.png
Quest information
Location Core City
Rail Crossing
Upper Caves
Given by Vera Hale
Rewards 1000 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
Related quests
Look for Cornell

Find the drill parts

After returning the drill parts, Tanner mentions that Vera also has work for you.


  • Vera wants you to find out what happened to merchants Terry and Lora Baker (They were last heard from when they were in Core City and might have stopped by Rail Crossing later).


You should ask around Core City and Rail Crossing to find out if anyone has seen the Bakers. You can learn what happened to them from Gorge, a train driver at Hardcore City Bar. You'll first need to talk to Gene (the barkeeper) about specific people, then ask about Gorge, and only then you can ask Gorge about his driver job. Terry and Lora were attacked by bandits with acid weapons at Rail Crossing train station and dragged to the caves north.

In the caves north of Rail Crossing train station, you'll find the Hanging Rat bar. Starting from the Hanging Rat map, head east two times, north and then west to find a corpse with Terry Baker's Keycard on it. The keycard is enough evidence of the merchant's demise. You may return it to Vera at this point or continue gathering more clues.

You can find out more about Terry and Lora and the goods they were carrying later on from Cornell and his Acid Hunters. If you did not return the keycard earlier, you can tell about the Acid Hunters' involvement to Vera when you return the keycard.

You can find Lora later, at Talos Outpost in Deep Caverns.