Jet Eater Hunt

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Jet Eater Hunt
Random quest

Jet Eater Hunt.png
Quest information
Location Core City Docks
Jet Eater lair
Given by Otto
Rewards 1500 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
Sea Serpent Slaying Sash
Rust Maker

A distressed hunter can be found in the Core City docks, obsessed to settle a score between him and an elusive prey.


  • Otto wants you to aid him in overcoming his greatest challenge. Slay the Jet Eater, and help him claim it as his trophy.
  • Find Otto the hunter near the cave entrance at the northwest section of Core City Ring. He wants you to help him in the hunt.


Otto can be seen next to Ray's Jet ski shop after your first visit to the Black Sea. Shaken because of his last failed attempt at hunting the Jet Eater, an infamous sea wyrm known for attacking jet skiers in the Core Ring.

His hunter's pride demands him to reclaim his trophy maker, the Rust Maker and poach the sea snake once and for all, and he's willing to accept your help. After agreeing to meet at the cave to the west of the Core city docks he will wait for you at the entrance in his jet ski. Once inside the Jet Eater Lair the hunt begins.

The Jet Eater will be lurking inside while being both Submerged and in Stealth, ambushing once its close enough to either of you. As a much stronger variant of the regular Sea Wyrm found in the black sea, it has devastating acidic projectiles and bites capable of inflicting Rusting. Once he is at low health it will submerge and end combat, seeking to feed on one of the jet wreckages found in his lair to recover lost health.

Once defeated Otto will ask you to retrieve his weapon from the snake's bowels and return it to him, awarding the player with a spare belt with sea snake slaying tools, the Sea Serpent Slaying Sash. It is also possible to keep the Rust Maker for yourself, which will turn Otto hostile.

The Jet Eater can be confronted in his lair before talking to Otto, and he will offer to trade the Rust Maker for the Sea Serpent Slaying Sash.