Get rid of the Faceless

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Get rid of the Faceless
Main Storyline

The Mindreader.png
Quest information
Location Rail Crossing
Given by Captain Herve
Rewards 5000 classic XP / 2 oddity XP
300 Stygian Coin (400 with 40 mercantile)
Related quests
Assist Rail Crossing
Save Buzzer

Rail Crossing's mayor tasks you with ridding the town of the Faceless who have taken over Buzzer's shop.


  • Captain Herve wants you to get rid of the Faceless, one way or another


This can be a simple extermination mission, but there is also a non-violent solution.

There are two ways to go about this - a frontal assault by slaughtering the Faceless forces in the railyard, or sneaking in to the shop via the Burrower-infested tunnels south of the shop. On the second floor of the shop, there is a switch that can turn on the nearby autoturrets. When all of the ones inside of the shop are defeated, the rest outside will scatter.

The more diplomatic way is sneaking your way to the Faceless Mindreader and allowing him to scan your thoughts. While this completes the quest, it ultimately leads to Buzzer's death and you failing to save him. You can accomplish both objectives via a 60 effective persuasion check or having the Faceless' stolen object quest completed first. The Intimidation check will always fail.

Be advised that if you told Captain Herve you're just following Tanner's orders to help with the situation, he will not pay you any reward after you complete this quest. If you say you expect payment at first time, you'll get 300 or 400 Charons depending on effective mercantile. Save Buzzer's 100 (or 200) Charons will get paid no matter whether you say you expect payment or not.