Retrieve the cube

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Retrieve the cube
Main Storyline

Console and Cube.png
Quest information
Location Deep Caverns
Given by Hadrian Tanner
Rewards Verify 3000 classic XP / 5 oddity XP
Related quests
Open the gate leading to Tchort,
Destroy Tchort

Infiltrate Tchortist ranks,
Strange tremors



Events at the Institute forced you to descend into the Deep Caverns.


  • Find the mysterious cube the Faceless are looking for and return it to Tanner.


This section needs expansion.

You will meet Six shortly after entering Deep Caverns. He will give you vague overview about the area and what to do.

In short, you must open the gate leading to Tchort (It will be necessary to repair the gate mechanism and restore Arke powergrid) and subsequently destroy Tchort.

Once Tchort is destroyed, you can finally get The Cube. Once you have it, disable the electrified ladders and divert power to the south elevator using the nearby terminal.

Make your way towards the elevator in the south end of Deep Caverns, west of the lake.